The warm ring

the first file

one day, the four mercenaries, Micheal,Dub, Patton,and Thomas, were gathered together in a local tavern to do a job. Micheal, the party leader, decided to go ahead and get this job over. As they descended into the dungeon, wiping it clean from any monsters, come across a giant spider. terrified the group stood shock, Dub slowly dieing from the bite he took earleir in the fight.”Dub use the Acid Flask!” Patton said with the last of his breath, healing dub with his magick.With a sudden burst of strength dub reaches to his bag and throws the flask at the monster, watching as the monster slowly disintegrate.With no strength left the party quickly agrees to make camp. The next mourning, after every one wakes up. they all descend down the corridor. Dub, Spotting something suspicious, decides to investigate the room. Shocked, he finds a secrete room filled to the brink with treasure. Patton, grabs the nearest piece of gold he sees. then suddenly all of the treasure disappears, except for the piece Patton picked up.”Way to go” Micheal says “next time why don’t we search for traps?”



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